Nutrition & Wellness

For those who desire a kind wellness experience through our spaces and program focused on balance the body and mind

Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program aim to offer a vacation of well being and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Serenity´s guest can enjoy complete menus.

Our customized program based on you individual need and personal goals includes personalized menus designed by on-site nutritionist.

Healthy Menu

- Gluten Free
- Vegan // Vegetarian
- Low Carb
- Dairy Free
- Anti Inflammatory Diet
- High Protein
- Diabetic
- Allergies or Sensitivities
- Sugar Free
- Intermitent Fasting
- High Fiber
- Low Cholesterol
- Sodium Free
- Weight Loss

Healthy Bar

- Detox Juice
- Protein Shake
- Inmune System Booster
- Golden Milk
- Energizer Juice
- Cucumber Refresh
- Ginger Shot
- Post Workout Smoothie
- Keto Smoothie
- Anti-Estres Juice
- Chia & Oats Overnight

Lifetime/Leisure Activities

- Aim for at least 30 min/day
- Muscle strenght at least 2 days/week
- Work out/activity 3-6 days/week depending on intisity
- Increase physical activity: Biking, walking breaks, etc.
- ALWAYS contact your doctor if any injury or medical issues occurduring or after a physical activity

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  • yoga
  • spa & beauty