Pets Policy

Serenity Hotel Boutique is an animal-loving hotel,

and we know that pets enjoy having a relaxing vacation as much as you do.

We invite you to read and sign the property policy in order to admit your pet to our facilities

These policies must be accepted by the guests who want to chek-in with their pet in order to maintain the harmony of the place with other people and animals. In case of non-compliance, the hotel reserves the right to suspend the service to pet owner(s).

· The cost per night will be $15 USD (taxes included).

· The pet access will only be for dogs that do not exceed the maximum weight of 15kg(33lb).

· Pets must be up to date with vaccinations and deworming, a copy of the vaccinationrecord will be requested at the reception.

· Only one pet is allowed per room.

· It´s necessary that all pets have their equipment to sleep. Pets are not allowed to climbor sleep on the furniture of the room.

· The pet must always be accompanied by its owner, it’s necessary to use a leash in thecommon areas of the hotel.

· The cleaning services of the room will be done when the guest and dog are out of theroom, it is not allowed to leave the pets alone in the room.

· It is not allowed to use the bathroom to clean or shower the pet.

· Each pet must have her accessories to eat and drink water. It is not allowed to useglassware of the rooms for that purpose.

· An additional cost will be applied in case the pet causes any damage to the furniture,rooms, or inside the property.

· Dogs should be friendly, not aggressive with other animals and people. In the eventthat the pet attacks any person and/or pet, the guest agrees to assume responsibilityand possible expenses that are generated.

· Pets are not allowed in the Rooftop area.

· The hotel is not responsible in case of loss, accident, illness and/or death of the pet