Top 5 Playa del Carmen Beaches You Can't Miss

 Woman on a beach at sunset holding a palm branch.

Playa del Carmen is a vibrant destination in the heart of the Riviera Maya, known for its dreamy beaches, nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. With its prime location, just an hour from Cancun, this city has become a meeting point for travelers worldwide. Iconic places like Quinta Avenida, with its shops, restaurants, and bars, and the famous Parque Fundadores, make this a destination that has it all. But if there's one thing that stands out above all else, it is the spectacular Playa del Carmen beaches, and here, we present an unmissable guide. Get ready to discover your next favorite spot in the Mexican Caribbean!

1. Pelícanos Beach: Accessibility and Natural Beauty

Just a 9-minute walk from our hotel in Playa del Carmen, Pelícanos Beach is in front of the leading beach clubs in the area. It offers the characteristic views of the Mexican Caribbean, with its intense blue waters and soft white sand. What makes it truly special is its accommodation for people with different disabilities.

You'll find ramps, showers, and signs with sign language here. There's even a map of the area for visually impaired individuals. The infrastructure is accessible for wheelchair users, crutches, and other mobility devices, allowing everyone to enjoy its beauty and amenities. Additionally, there are special vehicles for visitors with mobility issues, allowing them to explore the beach and even enter the sea.

Pelícanos Beach has received Blue Flag and Platinum certifications for its commitment to environmental care and the quality of services it offers to locals and tourists.

Tropical beach with umbrellas, sun loungers and boats floating in blue water.

2. Mamitas Beach: Fun in the Heart of Playa del Carmen

Located 15 minutes from Serenity Hotel Boutique, Mamitas Beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a peaceful afternoon under the sun. This place is known for its beach clubs and restaurants, where you can rent umbrellas and loungers for comfort. If you're looking for fun, Mamitas Beach is a popular gathering spot to sunbathe and listen to the best DJs.

We suggest bringing cash, sandals, a swimsuit and towel, sunscreen, biodegradable mosquito repellent, a hat or cap, and sunglasses. When you eat at a beach club or restaurant, you can use the restrooms and showers, which adds a plus to your visit. Take advantage of the vibrant atmosphere of Mamitas Beach!

3. Coco Beach: Tranquility and Outdoor Activities

Coco Beach, just a 12-minute walk from our hotel in Playa del Carmen, is a less crowded Caribbean corner, ideal for enjoying the beauty of the sea and various water activities. Here you can play beach volleyball and practice kite surfing.

Its access is free and open; you only need to follow the path from the neighboring hotel's parking lot. Here begins an extension of more than 2 kilometers of beaches without buildings and protected by mangroves. It's essential to bring food and drinks, as options in this area are limited. A natural treasure for those seeking a peaceful escape!

4. Punta Esmeralda Beach: A Natural Oasis with a Cenote

Located a 10-minute drive from Serenity Hotel Boutique, Punta Esmeralda Beach is frequently visited by locals. This public beach is unique thanks to its small but beautiful cenote, whose waters flow directly into the sea, creating a fascinating mix of fresh and saltwater.

We recommend bringing cash, as you'll find various vendors selling snacks. Punta Esmeralda Beach is perfect for couples or family gatherings, with its shallow beach and ideal temperature for cooling off. Next to the cenote are palm trees and other trees, perfect for picnics, and it's also an excellent spot for water sports like kayaking or stand-up paddle surfing.

5. Martina Beach: Relax and Enjoy with Style

Just a 7-minute walk from Serenity Hotel Boutique, you'll find Martina Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here, you can enjoy its soft sand and turquoise waters, refresh yourself in the pool, nap on a comfortable lounger, or have a fantastic time with a cocktail while a DJ sets the best chill/beach mood at Martina Beach Club. Moreover, as a guest of our hotel in Downtown Playa del Carmen, you can access Martina Beach Club at a preferential rate at reception. Take the chance to enjoy an exclusive beach experience!

Explore the Playa del Carmen Beaches with Serenity Hotel Boutique

Now that you know the best Playa del Carmen beaches, what are you waiting for to plan your visit? Book at Serenity Hotel Boutique and enjoy the comfort, excellent service, and strategic location that only our hotel in Downtown Playa del Carmen can offer. Experience a spectacular time in the Mexican Caribbean and discover why Playa del Carmen is the favorite destination of so many travelers. We look forward to welcoming you!

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